Wedding DJ Chris Kellogg

Chris Kellogg's
12 Point Promise
  1. You will deal with me from our first meeting together to the last dance. There will be nobody who will relay the information to me. I will always personally meet with you so I get the details of your big day direct from you, bride and groom. I will be just a phone call, text or email away. You’ll get my cell phone number so you can call me anytime you have a question.
  2. You won’t have to worry that I show up on time. I will get to your venue at least 1.5 hours before it starts. My equipment is usually set up an hour before start time. I’m based out of Suffield Connecticut, so I’m not far from everywhere in Connecticut and Massachusetts.
  3. You will hear all of the songs that you request, after you decide on your “must play” list. I won’t play songs you told me about on your “do not play” list. Whether I play requests from your guests or not is up to you. I will also not take requests from your guests unless you allow it.
  4. You will clearly hear announcement and bridal party introductions. My sound system is top-notch so you won’t hear any pops, buzzing or static. I bring high end equipment with me to make sure the sound never stops. If a piece of my equipment does fail for some strange reason, I’ll quickly plug in my backup equipment.
  5. All of my audio equipment will be professionally laid out. You’ll get a neat and clean presentation that includes the hiding of all cords, equipment bags or case lids. I will not display a banner or sign about my company.
  6. You and your guests will not be BLOWN out of your chairs by overly loud announcements and music. I’ll always play the music at an enjoyable level.
  7. You will see me in appropriate attire on your big day. At weddings, I wear a black suit, a white dress shirt and a tie that can match your wedding colors if you’d like.
  8. You will see me dedicated to performing. I will be fully attentive to serving your needs. The only thing I may be on my phone for is when I need to do research on a song or download a last minute request by you, the bride and groom.
  9. You won’t see me drinking alcohol at you wedding. It should go without saying, however some wedding DJ’s consider the venue’s bar as a perk, I don’t.
  10. You will hire a DJ that will come to your event 100% prepared. You will hear from me before your big day to go over all of your final wedding details.
  11. Another wedding DJ will not show up in my place. If you book me for your wedding, you’ll get me for your wedding…Period.
  12. Your wedding party’s names will be pronounced correctly during introductions and rest of the night. I will always practice the correct pronunciation before the wedding day to make sure it’s said 100% correctly.